360 persons still remain quarantined in Mamit District. Today 18 persons newly quarantined from Maharastra and 1 Person Positive reffered to ZMC from Quarantined at Tourist Lodge, Mamit. 

QUARANTINE CASES (to be updated daily)Total no of quarantined person at present
Sl. NoName of the FacilitiesAddressNo. of person Quarantined as on last report No. of person newly quarantinedNo of dischargedNo. of person referred for isolation  at designated hospital

ABCE ( A+B) - (C & D)
1SSA Boys, HostelMamit1500015
2Polytechnic BuildingMamit00000
3Tourist LodgeMamit3500134
4Convention CentreReiek00000
5Govt. Middle SchoolKanghmun00000
6BDO Rest HouseZawlnuam1100011
7Govt. College HostelZawlnuam00000
8Govt. Girls HostelKawrthah90099
9Girls HostelKawrtethawveng00000
10Govt. High SchoolW.Phaileng2100021
11Govt. Primary SchoolMarpara00000
12St. Francis of Asisi School, MamitMamit6500065
13Govt. Mamit CollegeMamit0120012
14Tourist Lodge, ReiekReiek2000020
15Polytechnic Building-IMamit4700047
16Govt. Middle School-IIW.Phaileng1700017
17DC Rest HouseMamit13004
18BCM Nazareth Hall, LuangpawlMamit00000
19Presbyterian Kohhran Hall, Field VengMamit2000020
20BCM  Hall, High School VengMamit80008
21Presbyterian Kohhran Hall, VenghlunMamit2700027
22Presbyterian Kohhran Hall, DintharMamit2000020
23Presbyterian Kohhran Hall, HmunsamMamit2100021
24Presbyterian Kohhran Hall, Bazar VengMamit00000
25CCC, SSA Girls HostelMamit43


26Home QuarantineMamit20002