Lt.Gen(Rtd.) Nirbhay Sharma  accompanied by his wife pays a visit to Thutak Nunpuitu Team’s(TNT) Establishments at Zuangtui , Aizawl, the largest charitable institution in Mizoram, today. The Governor inspects De-addicttion centres, Kalvary Hospital for mentally ill persons, separate orphanages for boys and girls, the Kitchen and other units of the establishment where His Excellency personally interacts with the resident patients, orphans and volunteers.

In his brief conversation with Dr.Sangthankima, the founder of TNT, the Governor expresses his deep appreciation of the great task in progress being performed by the former with his devoted team members and assured the establishment  of every support he could render in his capacity as the Governor  of Mizoram. Speaking at the reception programme hosted on his behalf, His excellency emphasized the great deeds of TNT as indescribable  and felt that Mizoram needs more people in the mould of Dr.Sangthankima and his colleagues.  Impressed by the talents and enthusiastic faces of the children at the establishments, the Governor expresses his high expectation of their futures . He went on to encourage the cheering students not to lose focus but to stay positive and achieve great things when they come of age.

At the end of reception programme, Lt.Gen(Rtd.) Nirbhay Sharma and First Lady Jyotsna Sharma handed over a gift to Dr.Sangthankima as a token of their appreciation and assured him of more visits in the future. Dr. Sangthankima, touched by the keenness and empathy of the Governor,  louded His Excellency’s effort not only impressive but also said that this is the first time a VVIP visitor  enters every unit of the establishment and meets its inmates personally.

As per TNT Kalvari Hospital Record, the establishment is a resident to  57 voluntary workers, 414 orphans, 325 mental patients and 480 patients with addiction. 



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