The third meeting of  the New Land Use Policy (NLUP) Apex Board meeting was held today at Tourist Lodge under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla. The board discussed  and studied the concept, philosophy and the roadmap, and also the steps needed to be taken for the successful implementation of NLUP.

Chief Minister said that the NLUP is a remarkable programme aimed at creating new means of livelihoods for people in rural areas through Government support thereby ushering in development at an accelarated pace. He added that the NLUP programme is not only aimed at generating new avenues of employment but also can go a long way in eradicating jhum cultivation, minimising deforestation, mitigating environmental degradation and conservation of the rich flora and fauna of the state.

He emphasized that the success of the Programme not only depends on the beneficiaries but also on the officials involved in the implementation proccess. He stressed that, a hurried implementation will not bring in the desired results; hence a need to have a proper roadmap for its success.

Mr. Selthuama, Chairman, NLUP Implementing Board informed the meeting that First Phase of NLUP would cover 24,000 families across the state and the Second Phase would cover about 600 familes in each MLA Constituency. About 400 families within Aizawl District will also be covered, he added.

The meeting made an in-depth study of NLUP through presentations by Mr P. L. Thanga, IAS (Rtd) Vice-Chairman, NLUP Implementing Board and Dr. R.K. Lianthanga, Project Director.


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