Department of Economics and Statistics today organized training for all   the hiBirth & Death Registrars in Champhai District at DRO Conference Hall Champhai.

Pu Saidingliana Sailo, District Research Officer, Champhai reminded   Birth & Death Registrars to perform their duties with honesty and full dedication. Addressing  the menace of  furnishing of faulty documents and its impacts, he said that it can hamper and sabotage other's  services. He appreciated the efforts lended by all Staffs for the office being adjusted as the cleanest Government Office in the District.

Pi C. Lalthanmawii, Research Officer, Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Aizawl credited all the  Registrars  of Birth and Dead (RBD) for the cent percent registration of births in the previous year 2018. She told them to be specific and meticulous while entertaining and entering all applications. Explaining about the computerisation of all documents, she pointed that tracing of required documents is easier and fake documents could be easily nabbed within no time. She also mentioned that to reduce burden on public, Police verification is nullified in case of births certificate application but not for Death Certificate application.

The training continued at afternoon under  the guidance of Pu H. Lalhmangaihzuala, Inspector of Statistics, Champhai wherein  Pu J. Ramdinmawia, Inspector of Statistics, Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Aizawl was the resource person.

In India,  Registration of Birth & Deaths Act was implemented  in 1969. The Mizoram Registration of Birth & Death Rules 2007 came into existence, amended in  2015  and presently in operation.


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