Vawiin khan Village Council (VC) General Election, February a neih tur atana hman tur Village Council Electoral Rolls ennawn (Revision) chungchangah State Election Commissioner, Pu C Ropianga hovin a pisaah meeting pawimawh tak neih a ni.


He meeting-ah hian The Draft Mizoram (Election to Village Councils) Rules, 2011 chu Law Department in ngun zawka an en a la ngaih rih avangin  hun reilote chhunga hman theiha peih mai theih a nih dawn loh avangin Rules hman lai ‘The Mizoram (Election to Village Councils) Rules, 1974 as amended’ anga Roll Revision chu kalpui ni se tiin an rel.




Stages of revision

Period allowed for stage


Appointment and Training of Officials at District Hqrs.

1.9.2011 (Thursday)



Preparation of Draft Electoral Rolls

2.9.2011 (Friday) to 31.10.2011 (Monday)


Draft Publication of Electoral Rolls

1.11.2011 (Tuesday)



Submission of Claims and Objections

2.11.2011 (Wednesday) to 18.11.2011 (Friday)


Disposal of Claims and Objections

21.11.2011 (Monday) to 30.11.2011 (Wednesday)


Printing of Electoral Rolls

1.12.2011 (Thursday) to 31.12.2011 (Saturday)


Final Publication of Electoral Rolls

10.1.2012 (Tuesday)


 Draft Mizoram Municipalities (Election to Local Council) Rules, 2011 hi Law Department in ngun taka ena an siam that hnuah lo chhuak thei mai tura beisei anih thu Meeting-ah hian tarlan a ni a. He Rules thar hi Nodal Department UD&PA -ah kalin, an nin Cabinet remtihna an lak hnuah hman theih tura Gazette a chhuah a ni ang. Aizawl Municipal Council hnuaia Local Council inthlanpui pawh Village Council inthlanpui rual emaw a hma deuhah emaw neih anih theih nan Aizawl Municipal Council inthlan a Electoral Rolls hman tak behchhanin State Election Commission kaihhruaina hnuaiah Electoral Rolls Summary Revision chu September thla ral hma a kalpui tura hma lak tum a ni bawk.

 Meeting-ah hian LAD Secretary, LAD Director, Law Dept. aiawh Deputy Secretary, State Election Commission Secretary leh Under Secretary bakah Officer pawimawh dang te an tel a ni.