Vigilance Awareness week conducted by Vigilance Department, Government of Mizoram was today inaugurated at Kolasib Parish Hall under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Pu Zoengsanga.

Chairman Pu Zoengsanga said that misappropriation of public fund is uncalled for as it hampers the health of a Society and hence one must maintain integrity in everyday life.

He urged the Government Officials, College Students and Leaders of the Community Based Organizations gathered to strongly oppose corruption at all levels and take steps in bringing about a clean and transparent environment which would lead to the prosperity of all.

At the inaugural function Inspector F.Engkunga from the Anti Corruption Bureau, Vigilance Department elaborated on the purpose of the Vigilance Awareness Week and the theme chosen for the Vigilance Awareness Week: Integrity-A way of Life.

The Oath taking Ceremony for the Vigilance Awareness Week was administered by the Chair followed by a Vote of thanks proposed by the Superintendent of Police Pu Vanlalfaka Ralte


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